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The climate


Château de la Jaubertie is situated 100 kilometres east of Bordeaux.


The climate is more continental than that of Bordeaux since Jaubertie is 20km inland of the oceanic influence.


The advantages of the climate are manifold: dry summers are highly favourable for organic agriculture and prevent botrytis (also known as ‘grey rot’ from forming on the grapes). These conditions are ideal for certain grape varieties, in particular Muscadelle and Malbec.


However, the intense summer heat proves almost too much for certain varieties such as Merlot, and can prevent phenolic ripeness and sugar ripeness from being achieved simultaneously, resulting in potential ‘unripe’ flavours.



The soil


The property is divided into three main areas:


“The plateau” consists predominantly of hard white limestone with a reddish-brown clay sub soil. This is perfect for our premium reds.


“The slopes” around the plateau contain large quantities of limestone, making them ideal for the whites. The variations in the levels of sun exposure produce a range of different styles.


“The lowland” has grey clay soils called ‘Boulbène’, which are heavier and wetter than those of the slopes and the plateau, causing the grapes to ripen later and therefore increasing their maturing period.

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