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Chateau de la Jaubertie is named after a small stream on the property, and has a remarkable history.


Remains show that an encampment was present during the Neolithic period (400 BC). In the 12th century it was known as a small “fief”, and in the 16th century it became a hunting lodge for Henry IV, who offered Jaubertie to his mistress Gabrielle d’Estrées.


Between 1658 and 1858, Jaubertie was owned by the de Calbiac family, except during the French Revolution when it was owned by the favourite doctor of Queen Marie Antoinette, Leon Beylet. Mr Beylet finished the construction in the Directoire style, as an extravagant “folie” for his mistress, a distinguished dancer.


An evolution took place between the end of the 18th and start of the 19th century, when the “pavillons” adjacent to the main building were separated from it. In 1916 a fire broke out and the “fronton” or pediment of the building was rebuilt, in the form that we see today.


Various members of the Ryman family have owned the property since 1973 and it was recently awarded the classification of “Monument Historique” in 2005.

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